HF Propagation & Sun Activity for Ham Radio Operator

Radio Blackouts

Observed: None
Minor storm: None probability
Major storm: None probability

Radiation Storms

Observed: None
Probability: None

Geomagnetic Storms

Observed: None

About BSDWorld

A new resource for tracking solar activity

The site https://bsdworld.org/ was designed by and for ham radio enthusiasts to make it easy to keep track of solar activity. It is a central hub to view key factors affecting your radio signals, such as sunspots, solar flares, and radiation. The goal is to help you make savvy decisions about when and how to operate your radio gear for maximum effect. You will also find a treasure trove of information on band activity. These nifty graphs and animations give you the lowdown on radio contacts across different frequency bands. They’re your roadmap to finding the best times and frequencies for making rock-solid radio connections.

In a nutshell, https://bsdworld.org/ provides solar insights, band activity analysis, and the know-how to ace radio communication by tapping into the sun’s mood swings.

Happy radio operating!